For Architects
Kevin Marshall, owner of KRM Construction, LLC has more than 25 years experience working with Oregon’s most respected small and corporate general contractors. He has spent the last decade facilitating the construction of multimillion dollar commercial and housing projects. This further strengthened his already broad knowledge of construction practices. Kevin’s hands-on experience, coupled with the understanding of what makes good architecture, is what enhances his ability to communicate effectively through the preconstruction and
construction phases.

A Modern Eye
Although he can build anything from residential to commercial to specialty housing, Kevin is passionate about modernizing old warehouses. When it comes to renovating older homes, Kevin strikes the balance between being true to period architecture, while adding
modern conveniences.

Steel and concrete are his favorite mediums, which makes renovating old warehouses his dream job. Sure there’s the idea of giving new life to a dilapidated shell. But to Kevin, the process is like sculpture: He can visualize the new structure hiding in the walls of the old. It’s a thrill he never tires of – and all the minutiae that goes into carving out the new space are the details he most enjoys.

When it comes to housing, modern architecture is evolving, and Kevin is excited to work with architects and designers who are true visionaries in the field. “Our most-known work is with some of the best and most respected emerging architects in the region,” he says.

“I love working on unique projects, that’s part of what keeps me interested. Modern architecture – there’s a vision, then there are the ways KRM can make it work. It’s not typical engineering, and I love that kind of challenge. I can look ahead and see how one architectural detail will impact another. I enjoy the creative aspect of figuring out how to make designs and details
work together.”
Thorough review of plans and specifications for constructability review and budgeting
Exterior waterproofing expertise – Product
and system constructability assessment
and suggestions
Value Engineering – Creative assistance for budget and schedule restrictions
Detailed estimates
Smooth transition from design through preconstruction and construction phases
Up-to-date Critical Path scheduling
Regular construction meetings and reports
Ongoing product and technology research
and training
On-site and off-site building component mock-ups
Post construction documentation and training for end user
One year post construction warranty walkthrough and repeat visits
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